Let’s tell your
brand story.

Marcomit is a design
and branding agency

We work hand-in-hand with our clients along every stage of the marketing process to create a complete and compelling marketing story – from brand conceptualization to 360 degree execution. We create powerful experiences across all media platforms, making brands that are clear, competitive, and unique.


    This is the first step in the process of developing your brand strategy.

    By defining your brand, we create the foundation on which all the other components build.

    Branding is rooted in authenticity. You need to really know yourself before you can start building your brand.

    We research your brand and its market, analyze data, and uncover insights. We define a unique and relevant positioning for your brand, and then plan how to best convey it, ensuring  your messages resonate with the right audiences.


    The brand platform is your brand’s blueprint.

    Once we’ve agreed on a strategic approach, we decide how your brand should look, feel, and sound to the world.

    A brand platform encapsulates the guiding principles that underpin who you are, and how you should appear to your customers or users. It embodies your strategy, motivations and beliefs as a company, and represents you and your users. It includes your vision, mission and values, brand proposition, and positioning.


    Today’s purchase funnel is a complex cobweb across many channels.

    The customer journey used to be a linear progression from need identification, information gathering, trial or review, to decision-making and purchase. But this has changed. Now it is a complex cobweb across many channels, making it hard to understand the influence of touchpoints along the way.

    We help you plan the right content to showcase your story, and we find the right mix of media channels to multiply your consumer touchpoints.


    It’s one thing to introduce changes – but finding ways to make them stick is much harder.

    The key is to keep moving. When we lose momentum, we become vulnerable to distraction, doubt and apathy.

    Think of brand momentum as the general perception that this is an up-and-coming brand, to be watched and tried. It is the opposite of a legacy brand that “rests on its laurels.”

    Becoming a reputable brand takes a measured and consistent approach. Working hand in hand with customers, we help maintain your brand’s momentum, keeping it constantly refreshed.


At Marcomit we believe in communicating messages through a variety of channels.
We offer a range of services and solutions, ranging from innovative digital platforms to traditional high-quality print designs.

Strategic communication consultancy