Building a brand experience around your corporate event

In our age, experience is everything. There’s no better way to help your customers and stakeholders understand the true value of your brand, than to let them experience it for themselves.

The corporate event is an important way to build your brand on top of your existing identity. But it’s also about making sure that you don’t forget the importance of consistent branding.

What is corporate event brand management?

Event branding is capturing the essence of your organization’s brand in your event marketing campaigns. This can be done both through digital branding and onsite branding. Your event brand can and should include your organization’s brand with a little twist.

Event Branding matters, because your brand matters. Effectively representing your brand and shaping how your attendees, partners and sponsors remember it is crucial to the growth of your business.

Branding doesn’t start at the venue. It begins with finding the big idea or concept that will spark the imagination, deliver on the event’s theme and connect with your brand identity.

Here are some tips for effective branding of your event:

  • Communicate the brand through the logo, theme, colors, and fonts on the event website. This will make the crucial first introduction of the event to potential attendees.
  • Use an event app to elevate attendance experiences.
  • Connect the brand’s identity. Ensure the company’s physical identifiers show up everywhere at the event. Make sure all activities reflect the company’s values.
  • Make your booth represent your brand as perfectly as possible. And don’t forget about giveaways. If people take your brand home, you won’t be forgotten. Choose items that can be used daily and distinct branding which always makes them think of you.
  • Choose strategic positions for placing your branded banners at the venue and use them to promote the event.
  • Work in tandem with digital marketing strategies. Social media can also be an important part of spreading your brand identity during an experiential marketing event.

See examples of consistent branding at events designed by Marcomit:
Amdocs eSim, Algosec Sales Kick-off, Netivey Israel and the Frutarom’s Vitafood 2019 exhibition.

There are so many opportunities for communicating your brand at events. The challenge is communicating your brand in the right way. But don’t let that stop you from taking action.

Algosec Sales Kick-off

Frutarom Vitafood 2019

Netivey Israel

Amdocs eSim online