Creating Branded Workspaces

Creating Branded Workspaces

How to Make Your Office Space Reflect Your Core Values

Branding your internal space is a great way to embed your brand within your culture. When employees – or even visitors – encounter your brand during their everyday working lives, it has a subtle effect on their emotions, thoughts and even behavior. As an expression of your company culture, your workspace offers a unique opportunity to shape your brand identity and reinforce your key values.

Here are just some of the benefits of branding your workspace:

  • Align people staff with your brand:  A well-branded space should support the company’s mission and purpose. In this way, it creates the same experience customers experience when interacting with your brand’s print and digital advertising.
  • Create a sense of shared purpose: When your office reflects the overall mission, it serves as a constant reminder of your common goal and allows people to be more invested in their work.
  • Get more done: A branded atmosphere invites creativity and inspires people to raise their game – a formula for increasing productivity and results.
  • Build credibility: With your visual branding, you are reinforcing what you do and what makes you different. When you invite people into an office that showcases your brand, this reinforces your dedication to your identity.

The question is, how to start?

At Marcomit, we create branded workspaces capturing our client’s corporate DNA, values and image.  We start by identifying the company’s vision and values, then we create a concept which encompasses the offering, and finally, we brand the space using all the tools available to us: graphic design, architecture and interior design.

Do you feel your office represents who you really are?

Does your workspace inspire your people to grow and develop? If not, it may be time to brand your space. Marcomit has created some inspirational work spaces. Find out how we can do it for your company.

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