Five content trends to watch

The following content trends present opportunities for both B2C and B2B marketing:

  1. Live streaming will become more popular, together with recorded video. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and SnapChat offer easy-to-use platforms for hosting live product briefings, tours, tutorials, product launch events, and more content.
  2. email newsletters have increasing open rates and are increasingly used to reach prospects and share information with clients.
  3. Virtual reality may take off. Some companies, like the North Face, have started using it to showcase premium products. However, due to its cost, this technology is only currently relevant to large companies.
  4. Storytelling will become key. Good storytelling rather than content for content’s sake is key. Simply having a blog or updating social media for the sake of it is no longer relevant. You need to tell your customers a story and this will help you engage with them.
  5. Push advertising will be replaced with native advertising. Ad blockers make it more challenging to reach consumers with banners, paid ads, pop-ups and pop-unders.