Get ready for what’s coming next in the post digital age

Today, disruption is now the norm. And, the lightning-speed of change, driven by new technologies, is taking us from the digital age to the post-digital world. Organizations are realizing the benefits of new digital business models and processes and have courageously leveraged emerging technology trends like AI and big data. So what can we expect from the future?

Here are some emerging technologies that are fast-becoming mainstream:

Considered the next big thing in home automation technology, with the total number of IoT devices set to reach 30 billion by 2020.

Artificial intelligence
Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have deeply invested in integrating and promoting artificial intelligence capabilities.

This has revolutionized the financial industry and is expected to grow in market size over the next few years.

According to a Gartner report, this decentralized ledger technology will generate $3.1 trillion in business value by 2030.

Is at its peak, with software enterprises implementing automation to drive productivity, safety, profitability, and quality.

The possibilities and benefits offered by these five technology trends are endless, and leveraging them in our society and workforce will make our lives better in many ways.

Ten years ago, companies could achieve a competitive advantage by embracing innovations and trends that were already underway. But today, a reactive approach is no longer enough. Staying ahead of the game means companies need to work methodically to sense new innovations and possibilities, make sense of their ambitions for tomorrow, and find the confidence to go beyond the digital frontier.

At Marcomit, we’re getting ready for what the post-digital world brings. See our work for clients such as Tabit, Sleeprate, Seetrue, Kryon, Tunity, Amdocs, Cortica, and Baram – who are embracing these exciting new technologies.