Is virtual reality design becoming a reality?

AR, VR and machine learning are becoming mainstream

Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and machine learning/artificial intelligence

is changing the way marketers can engage with customers and drive experiences. Marketers need to learn how to create content for these formats which leverages the opportunities they offer.

Machine learning and pattern recognition will be particularly significant around personalizing messaging to individual prospects and customers in a way that strongly resonates with them. Large organizations will want to take advantage of large data sets with machine learning and artificial intelligence using tools from Google, Amazon, IBM and others.

In 2016, marketers saw a taste of what augmented reality could offer with the launch and unprecedented growth of Pokemon Go grossing new revenue of $10 million a day at its peak

Designing for VR is the cool thing to do and many talents designers diving into it. There is currently no platform for VR design in order to curate, showcase, or prototype designs in VR. Someone will need to be the first to build a platform for it.

However, over time, there are more and consumer friendly devices in the market, enabling more practical experimentation with VR, AR and MR.