Key digital marketing challenges

Key challenges marketers face in 2017 include rethinking social video and using virtual reality and artificial intelligence effectively, according to a new report produced by Warc in collaboration with Deloitte Digital.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to deliver marketing opportunities around insight generation, chatbots, personal assistants and optimisation of media buying.

Virtual reality will become a viable mainstream marketing tool which will offer emotionally engaging brand experiences.

Social video has seen huge growth as a content marketing format, with social platforms turning into broadcast media. Marketers will need to focus on quality rather than quantity and think about motivations for content engagement.

Brands are constantly searching for ways to take their product direct to the consumer, for example, via connected buttons or subscriptions – which are currently taken very seriously by established brands, such as Unilever.

There is also the key question of how to market most effectively in the digital age.  Brands today seem to be failing to balance short and long-term marketing strategies.