The opportunities and challenges facing media in the coming years

Online and digital are an integral part of our lives – like oxygen.

  • Media segmentation is no longer vertical. Media channels are horizontal and screens are everywhere, while the most important screen is our phone.
  • Media saturation – Media owners assume people have spare time to read, watch and listen to what they are advertising. They design adverts with the assumption that people have spare capacity and time – which they don’t.
  • Our devices are blurred. A TV can be a screen we watch, a consumption channel, the internet. You can watch TV on your TV, computer, phone.
  • Phones (small screens) present the opportunity for intimate, more personalised data.
  • AR and VR transform the way we look at advertising.
  • Chatbots create exciting new interactions with brands.
  • The new web will be more predictive – telling us what we are looking for while we are still searching.