Video marketing and personalisation gain popularity

Engagement is at the centre of every current marketing campaign. With people being inundated with social posts, text fatigue and inbox overload,

marketers need to be focusing on video marketing with personalisation.

So how does video marketing and personalisation work?

Video is an excellent way to create trust and humanise the brand. In order to build a relationship with consumers and increase the response rate, videos can speak to the recipient through personalised elements such as name, company and title.

As video advertising is becoming a dominant format, marketers can no longer try and fit traditional 15 second TV ads into a digital ‘container’.  Video formats need to be created that cater for mobile devices and short attention spans. As users get the chance to skip past ads, they need to create an impact within a few seconds.

Live streaming is expected to become a game changer in the year ahead. Brands will start using live streaming for tutorials, product launches, and special behind-the-scenes experiences.

As video becomes the dominant advertising option, digital and cross-media effectiveness will become crucial.