Welcome to the age of the customer

The customer is at the centre of everything. 

Customer personalisation, consumer context and most importantly, customer experience is key.

Because of the importance of the customer experience, marketers need to create better targeted, more relevant and contextual communications – for better consumer engagement.

Marketers need to try to understand the experience their brand is offering to customers, across all the different touchpoints. Customer experience seems to be the new differentiator of success which separates the brands which are getting ahead, from those stuck in yesterday’s business models.

Through research, marketers can revalidate their customers’ preferences for information consumption and buying habits. Customers expect frictionless experiences and want brands to deliver unprecedented levels of personalisation and accessibility. Marketers will start bringing together IT, sales, service and marketing to create highly orchestrated engagements. They need to move away from campaign-centric thinking and start treating consumers as individuals and engage with them in the right contexts. In order to retain customers, marketers will have to communicate the right message, to the right person at the right time in a relevant and personalised way.